✌ Stephanie listen you know if you belong on here i'm not taking the chance of leaving someone out stories of imagination tend to upset those without one


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    Anonymous uttered: don't you think your "boys in crop tops" tag needs more white guys?


    i don’t think anything in the world needs more white guys

    I'm not the only person who thinks the question was creepy

    Anonymous uttered: I'm glad I could bring a smile to your beautiful face. Have a wonderful night - I'll be around. xo


    some of you are sending me some weird sexual/kinky shit.. you can keep doing that i guess?? but im gonna take a shower and i’ll be back in a bit. 

    Anonymous uttered: I understand exactly where you're coming from, so I know how much of a task it was to get through everything and also the sacrifices that had to be made to do such a thing, so I'm extremely proud of you for handling it and not giving up. You make me proud, knowing people like you are in the world makes me applaud. You are awesome! Keep being fantastic!

    I love you sooo so much. You’ve honestly made my night, week, month and year a million times better because of this. Knowing people like you are in the world makes me happy. Thank you so much. xoxo


    this here is a selfie with my new cactus friend george o’malley

    Anonymous uttered: do you think the 5SOS boys masturbate together? what about the 1D boys? the thought if it is kinda hot

    What the fUCK???? I don’t know?! Probably not??? Stop thinking about it. It’s creeping me out just to know there’s someone out there thinking about it. No. Stop. No no no. Most definitely not. 

    Dianna Agron takes a photo of her friends during the last day of weekend of the 2014 Coachella Music Festival. 

    Anonymous uttered: Super proud of you!!

    I’m actually crying right now, in such a good way. Only a few people have acknowledged my accomplishment of taking and passing the test. People act like it’s not a big deal because I didn’t walk across the stage and I didn’t graduate. Over half my family never said anything to me about it.

    So to get a message from someone saying that they’re proud of me means so much. Like, honestly, you don’t understand how thankful I am for this message. I worked my ass off studying and making sure that I would pass. I was so proud of myself and, although that’s “all that matters” and stuff, it’s so amazing to get other people’s recognition. Thank you so so so much. This message means the absolute world to me.