// being young and dipped in folly

i fell in love with melancholy //


This gif hunt includes 840 gifs of Penn Badgley. They come in all sizes and qualities and are not organized. They are all under 1MB and there are no repeats. None of the gifs are mine and the credit goes to the makers, but I did rezise a few in order to make them usable. Please like or reblog if downloading.


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I stayed up for two hours thinking about you. I thought about how funny you are and how sometimes you give me compliments. I thought about how excited and happy you make me and how I feel different talking to you than I do talking to everyone else. But mostly I just thought about how we’ll probably never be anything but just friends, and how I’m trying to be okay with that.
— 11:38 PM
everyone I usually talk to on AIM is not online tonight. Why.
so my sister is asleep and I’ve been trying to sleep for like 45 minutes but I can’t. Does anyone wanna send me messages and chat or give me things to respond to so I don’t have to just sit in the dark and wallow in my own thoughts???
im starting to get really fucking fed up with this
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"I really like you please talk to me more" a novel by me

the riveting sequel: “not you you’re annoying i was talking about someone else”

obrienwritcs thank you I know I’m a beautiful poet kiss the ground I walk on

"I really like you please talk to me more" a novel by me